Rob Burke ‘Piano Man’ is a multi award winning songwriter, musician and performer who has honed his craft in the musical genre of Acoustic, Folk Rock and Rock, in Ireland and the USA performing and co-writing with a litany of renowned international song writing heavyweights 

Rob’s latest album entitled ‘More than Me’  released on iTunes promises to be a feast of collaborations with the aid of top international and Irish songwriters.

 Rob has worked or played with and befriended a host of international stars over the years, including Christina Aguilera, Michael Bolton and Neil Young and his band.

Rob heads back to LA in April for a tour of his latest album ‘More than Me’ and for more collaboration with his legendary songwriter friend’s for his next album.


When Rob is in Ireland and not writing or performing in Europe and the USA, you can catch him live at The Purty Kitchen in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin on Saturday nights with a band of top Irish musicians, including the amazing Richie Buckley and Anto Drennan.

Rob's new single ‘Reason to Fly’ co-written with Jack Tempchin famed Eagles Songwriter... and his album ‘More than Me’ are now available on iTunes


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