JACK TEMPCHIN - EAGLES Songwriter of such legendary hits as "Peaceful Easy Feeling" and "Already Gone" -Co-wrote the song’’Reason to Fly’’ with Rob Burke on theśMore thab Me’’ album

"You Belong To The City"& "Smuggler's Blues" for GLENN FREY;

"Slow Dancing" for JOHNNYRIVERS and numerous others hits for as many artistes.

Jack also has two co-write cuts on the most recent EAGLES CD 'Long Road out Of Eden'...


Jack has opened for such artists as:

Ringo Starr, Jackson Browne, Joe Walsh, Glenn Frey, Johnny Rivers, Dave Mason, Poco, Dolly Parton, Karla Bonoff, Chicago, Christopher Cross, Air Supply, Kenny Loggins, and Emmylou Harris.

He has played sets at Radio City Music Hall in New York, and The Greek Theater in Los Angeles among countless other great venues.

This year marks the release of Jack's critically acclaimed new album, simply titled "SONGS". Produced by Norm Sancho, it's a collection of 10 great original songs, including his own gritty bluesy version of ‘’Smugglers Blues’’

‘’He's a great songwriter.
He uses simple words to paint pictures’’.

‘’The first real songwriter I saw and really got enthused about was Jack Tempchin.’’

‘’Sure-footed songwriting craft...he's a big deal’’

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