Mickey Harte from Lifford, County Donegal, is one of Ireland’s premier, modern-day singer/songwriters. Winner of R.T.E. Ireland’s “You’re a Star” Eurostar 2002 competition, he subsequently represented Ireland in the 2003 Eurovision contest.

After his meteoric television exposure, Mickey traveled extensively.

He worked with several artists who are today still good friends including multi-instrumentalist Rory Gallagher (of ‘Revs’ fame), drummer Gary Porter, bass & studio owner Terry McGinty, pianist Finnian Drumm and many more. Recent collaborations include – Rob Burke, Jack Tempchin , Kieran Goss, Oliver Darly (U.K.), JZ London PopWriters and Billy Farrell (Corrs, Westlife etc.).

One of Mickey’s passions is working with young people aged 13-19 to foster and cultivate their own musical proficiencies. Mickey co-founded Musicool Europe along with Francie Conway, Brian Ormond, Rob Burke, Ken Gillick & John Kenny.

The last 12 months have been busy for Mickey with Musicool as well as gigs in Ireland and Europe(Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France) plus projects including writing the theme music for TV’s celeb boxing program “Lords of the Ring.”


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